My Art

I make art. I think it looks quite nice.

In addition to making music I also enjoy visual art and design. Everything you see on this site is created by me, including the site itself. Below you'll find some of my artwork and designs, available to download or purchase.


The ELPHNT Wallpaper Collection

Express your inner ELPHNT fangirl/boy and download a collection of ELPHNT wallpapers. Click the button below to download all 9 hi-res (3360px x 2100px) wallpapers as a .zip file (1.2mb).



The artworks below are from a series of work I did called difficulty_Modes. The concept behind the series was to push myself to break away from my obsessive need for perfect alignment, regular shapes and neatly ordered things. Every work in the series has something slightly off kilter, like a slightly unaligned shape or an odd sized canvas.

Each work uses glitched image files as the source. I used a process where an image file, like a JPEG, is opened in a text editor and bits of the text are edited or deleted which causes a glitch in the image. Sometimes this breaks the image file but sometimes it can create really interesting shapes, patterns and colours you wouldn't expect.

I then took the glitched source images and tried to make them more cohesive by accompanying them with other elements or masking them with shapes.