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Making Music with MaxForLive

MaxForLive is a powerful tool that lets you expand the possibilities of Ableton Live. With literally 1000s of devices available getting started with MaxForLive can feel a little overwhelming. To help, I’ve started a new video series, ‘Making Music with MaxForLive’ that explores some of the best MaxForLive devices available and how you can use them in your music making.

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How to Finish Music

Do you struggle to finish music? Finishing tracks seems to be a problem that many music makers (myself included) seem to have. To help with this, I’ve put together a video outlining some useful strategies you can use to finish more music.

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Work Better with Samples Using iTunes

Working with samples is part and parcel of any modern music production workflow but often we collect so many samples that digging through them to find the right ones takes more time than actually making music. Learn how to use iTunes to streamline your sample organisation so you never break your creative flow.

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