Quick Sidechain-style Pumping with Ableton's Autopan

Level: Any  //  Watch Time: 1min

The 4-to-the-floor pumping effect usually achieved with sidechain compression has become a ubiquitous element of modern music production. In this video, we explore a quick technique to achieve a similar effect using Ableton’s versatile Autopan device.

You can use Autopan to quickly dial in some settings and get very effective results. While not quite the same as sidechain compression, the technique can be used to achieve similar results but with its own unique flavour.

This video is the first in a new series called ‘Short Stuff’ that explores quick tips for Ableton Live that you can easily implement in your own music production.



You can get quick sidechain-style pumping effects using Ableton’s Autopan:

  • Set the Phase to 0.

  • Set the Shape to saw.

  • Sync the Rate to 1/4 notes (or any other time division).

  • Enable Invert.

  • Adjust the Amount control.

  • Use the Shape control to adjust the severity of the effect.

Explore using automation to adjust the Amount, Shape, Rate and even Phase controls to get some interesting results.