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Ableton Live 11: Every New Feature

Level: Any // Watch Time: 20min

Ableton has just announced the latest update to their Ableton Live music production software; Ableton Live 11.

Live 11 is one of the most exciting updates I’ve seen since I started using Live. There are tons of excellent new creative and workflow features, including features for keys and scales, chance and probability, Macro and Rack improvements, MPE support and much more.

There is also a host of new effects, including an incredible new Hybrid Reverb, 2 new spectral processing devices; Spectral Time and Spectral Resonator as well as updates to existing effects making them more functional and usable.

With so much new to explore, its best to actually see it all, so I’ve put together a video covering pretty much every single new thing in Live 11, from big to small. Watch below.

Exploring Ableton Live 11's New Chance And Probability Features

Anyone familiar with my other video content knows that I’m more than a little obsessed with chance and randomness, so I was pretty excited to discover the new Chance and Probability features in Live 11. So excited, in fact, that I’ve put together a separate video exploring creative ways you can use the new features in your music.

Watch: Exploring The New Chance, Probability And Randomness Features In Live 11

Join The Live 11 Beta Program

Live 11 is currently in a public beta phase. All the info you need to join the Ableton Beta program can be found on the Ableton website.


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