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Max For Live Curated Collection

A meticulously curated collection of the best Max For Live devices around to inspire your next production. Browse the collection below.

What Is Max For Live?

The Max For Live Curated Collection
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12-voice modelled string instrument with an inspirational interface.
Browse, search, listen and download sounds from without leaving Ableton Live.
Focus on the fundamentals of FM synthesis with this gorgeous, minimalist 2-operator synth.
Colour your tracks with the sound of vintage hardware.
A digital multi-mode gate audio effect. Play an audio track like a subtractive synthesizer.
An inspiring MPE-enabled synthesizer with a unique approach to sound design to give you a fresh tool for making new sounds.
What if you could tune your effects to any scale and key, and even play them via MIDI input in real-time?
8 devices that extend the possibilities of Ableton Live.
A granular audio freezer effect. Creates lush textures out of everything!
A powerful realtime granular effect with deep control and flexibility.
An analog-style channel strip with multiple pre-amp models to add colour to your mixes.
Create blissful, blurry delays and reverbs.
A classic cassette deck emulator for that authentic vintage character.
A transient shaper with an unparalleled level of control, with no change in perceived volume.
A modelled tube preamp with 3 band EQ and oscilloscope.
What if you could transform any sound, sample, or audio source into any other instrument — in real-time?
A simple, minimal notepad for Ableton Live.
Make your patterns more spontaneous by controlling the probability of your notes.
A simple focus timer to keep you on track while making music.
Create endless variations of your MIDI with granular controls.
15 unique modulators to create dynamic relationships between separate elements.
The ultimate all-in-one metering device for Ableton Live.
Realtime sample mangler and glitcher that works as an audio effect or instrument.
A creative sample rate and bit reduction effect, designed to bring life to dull instruments and sounds.
Quickly convert BPM to ms or Hz with a slick interface.
A unique approach to transient shaping with plenty of creative potential.
A sleek, powerful synth that takes concepts from FM and Wavetable synthesis.
A creative synthesizer the combines supersaws with an enigmatic FM engine for endless creative sound design.
Insanely powerful rhythm machine and drum synthesizer with built in sequencer and 5 sound modules.
16 unique synthesizer models. Modelled after a famous Eurorack module.
Additional Info

The Max For Live Curated Collection is a selection of Max For Live devices for use in Ableton Live, chosen for their high quality and creative potential. These are not tools I have made myself, but rather tools I have found in my own search for creative instruments and effects to use in my music making.

There are literally 1000s of Max For Live devices out there, so The Collection is an attempt to highlight what I think are the best devices and developers around.


The Max For Live Curated Collection includes links to tools made by 3rd parties. While I make every effort to ensure the quality of linked tools, I cannot guarantee that the tools will always work as described nor can I provide support for the tools. Please contact the respective developers directly with additional queries.

Affiliate Links

Some of the entries in the the Max For Live Curated Collection may contain affiliate links and I earn a portion of each sale from a device purchased through an affiliate link. I only include devices that I believe in and will regularly review The Collection and remove any entries that no longer meet my quality standards. Affiliate sales help keep the ELPHNT website and the Max For Live Curated Collection sustainable.

Selection Process

Before including a device in The Collection I will use it extensively in my own music making to ensure it is highly functional and creative in many different situations. I’m an incredibly minimalist producer, so I have a very high standard for tools that make it into my regular workflow. Most of the device in The Collection are tools I’ve used extensively in my music for many years.

If you’re a developer and you think your device should be included in The Collection, reach out using the Contact page and we can go from there.