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Frequently Asked Questions


Please make sure you've checked the requirements before downloading a pack. The most common errors arise from having an incompatible version of Ableton Live.

I'd recommend updating to the latest version from your Ableton Account page.

If you've purchased a pack and it is not working please get in touch and I'll be happy to refund you.

Check out the page on Licensing Information.

Ableton Live is music production software often known as a digital audio workstation (DAW). The best place to learn about Ableton is at their official site:

Most music software, like Ableton Live, comes with a built-in set of sounds, instruments and effects for you to create music with. These are never intended to be comprehensive and can't possibly cover all styles and needs, so as your music making skills develop you'll probably want to look for new sounds and effects to expand your palette.

Ableton Live Packs are Ableton's approach to this. They allow you to download content created by 3rd parties that expands the capabilities of Live.

MaxForLive can be a complicated subject, so I've made an entire video to explain exactly what it is. You can watch that at the link below.

📺 What Is Max For Live... And Why Aren't You Using It Yet!?

In short, MaxForLive is a platform that lets 3rd party developers create entirely new instruments and effects for Ableton Live. You can download and use these just like any other Ableton Instrument or Effect.

MaxForLive devices (.amxd files) can be simple instruments or effects but they can also alter the functionality of Ableton Live directly, allowing you to do incredible things that might not otherwise be possible.

MaxForLive requires Ableton Live Suite.

Check out the Support ELPHNT page for all the ways you can help keep the content flowing.

I'm not currently teaching 1-on- lessons.

If you've found something wrong with one of my packs or devices; a missing file, a control that doesn't work or whatever else please let me know so I can fix it! As a thank you I'll reward you with one free device / pack / rack of your choice!

Drop me an email via the Contact page letting me know where the error is and we can go from there.

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