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If you’ve enjoyed any of the things I make you can help keep them sustainable by supporting ELPHNT in one of the ways listed below.

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EVRYTHNG: 21 Awesome Ableton Live Packs by ELPHNT

Get Creative Tools For Ableton Live 🎛

One of the best ways to support is buying one of my Ableton Live Packs. This way everyone wins; you get some great tools for Ableton Live and I get to keep making them!

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If you’d prefer to help out with a simple one-time donation you can do that via the PayPal.me link below. The most common donation is $50, but you can enter whatever amount you like, from as little as $1.

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Get Yourself Something Nice 🔌🎸

In addition to selling my own tools, I also have relationships with a number of other sites and developers. You can buy something from them using one of the links below and I earn a percentage of each sale.

This is another way to get yourself something nice and support ELPHNT at the same time. Win!

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Plugin Boutique

Buy VST plugins from a wide range of developers. Plugin Boutique runs regular sales and always has interesting specials on offer.

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Reverb is a marketplace for both new and used music hardware. If you’re looking for a new synth, guitar pedal or MIDI controller, Reverb is a good place to start.

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Production Music Live

Take courses, get production templates, samples and more. Production Music Live has some of the best content around at some of the most affordable prices.

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Noir Labs

Noir Labs makes some of the best and most useful Max For Live devices around. In fact, I like them so much I wrote a whole article about them!

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Ditto Music

If you want to get your music on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music you’ll need a distributor. While there are a few great ones available, Ditto is my own distributor of choice. I’ve used them for a number of years and have never had anything but a great experience.

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