Get The Power Of Ableton Live Suite For Free

Well... Almost 😉

The all-in version of Ableton Live, called Live Suite comes packed with some pretty powerful devices for creating and effecting sound. It’s got powerful synths like Operator and Analog, Sampler is an incredible sound design tool and the built-in FX cover everything you’ll ever need for mixing and effecting your music.

You could get away with using nothing but native Ableton devices and still make high quality, professional sounding music. In fact, 90% of the music I make uses nothing but Live Suite’s native devices and I find I get by quite easily.

Ableton Live Suite 9 Box

All this comes with a cost though; Live Suite will set you back quite a bit of 💰💰💰 and for a lot of people who are just making music for their own enjoyment (i.e. not making money from it professionally) it’s not worth the investment.

Unfortunately for most people this means getting a pirated copy of Live Suite (don’t do that, that’s bad!) but there’s a much better, far more legal way of getting all the power and versatility of Live Suite at a fraction of the price.

The answer lies in the incredible array of free plugins that exists covering everything from synthesisers to compressors to things you could never even dream of doing with sound.

The beautiful thing about Ableton Live is that every version includes all of the base features and only limits the number of available sounds and instruments you have (and in the case of Live Intro and Lite also limits the total number of tracks you can use). So if you can’t or don’t want to fork our for the full version of Ableton you can start off with the cheaper versions like Live Intro and supplement it with some great free plugins.

You can check out the full list of differences between the different Live versions at

As an Ableton Live trainer I am frequently asked for alternatives to some of the devices that come with Live Suite. Many of my students only have Live Intro or Standard, sometimes even Live Lite, and can’t afford to upgrade to Suite, but fortunately all of the versions of Ableton Live support VSTs (and Audio Units if you’re on a Mac) so it’s quite easy to fill those gaps with some great free plugins no matter what version of Live you have.

The List

Compiled here is a list of all the devices that are available in Live Suite. Next to each device I’ve indicated what versions of Live that device is available in. I’ve then listed several good plugin alternatives to those devices, including links to where you can download them. I’ve even included alternatives for devices that are available in all of Live’s versions, just in case you want to try something different. I’ve also only listed plugins that are available for both Mac & PC (no discrimination here!)

If you want to explore an even more comprehensive list, including plugins that might not be available on both Mac & PC you should check out the incredible list available on Bedroom Producer’s Blog.

There are unfortunately certain Live devices that I could not find alternatives for but rest assured I will keep my eyes open and update this list as new options become available!



Audio Effects

MIDI Effects

All of Live’s MIDI Effects are available in all versions so no alternatives are needed!


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