DRUMR | Discover New Drum Sounds

DRUMR | Discover New Drum Sounds


Create your own drum sounds with ease using DRUMR, a powerful free drum synthesis tool for Ableton Live.

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DRUMR (pron. drummer) is a unique tool to help you discover new drum sounds. It's simple interface and easy to use Macro controls simplify the process of creating interesting new percussive sounds.

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Hear What DRUMR Sounds Like 🎧

What Is DRUMR Anyway? πŸ₯

DRUMR (pronounced β€˜drummer’) is a versatile drum creation tool for Ableton Live; it helps you create unique, interesting drum sounds using a simple interface and easy to use Macro controls. DRUMR is part of the EARTH x DRM CIRCTS family and can be freely mixed and matched with existing DRM CIRCTS, with samples or with whatever else you can load into a Drum Rack.

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DRUMR Is About Discovery

Although DRUMR does come with a few presets these are just to show you what it's capable of; most of the fun of DRUMR comes from discovering your own sounds. Have a quick look through the included Getting Started Guide (its not long) to get familiar with what the controls do and then just play around to see what sounds you can come up with. πŸ€“

Built For Push

While its not at all required, DRUMR is built to work really well with the Ableton Push 1 & 2. It also works really well with any controller that has 8 automapping controls.

Learn How To DRUMR πŸŽ“

DRUMR is very easy to use and simple to master but you might want to watch this short, 10min walkthrough video to quickly get acquainted with the most effective way to use DRUMR. There is also a Getting Started Guide included with the download if you'd prefer to read.

Better Together 🎢

If you’re enjoying DRUMR then you’ll definitely love EARTH. Like bacon & eggs or peanut butter & jam (jelly for our American friends) DRUMR and EARTH go really well together, you really have to try it!

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Minimum Requirements* πŸ–₯

  • Ableton Live 9.7+

  • Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite

  • DRUMR will not work with older versions of Live - you will get an error

What's In The Download? πŸ“¦


  • 1 DRUMR Rack Preset

  • 16 DRUMR Presets to show you the range of sounds possible with DRUMR

  • A Getting Started Guide is included with the download to help you get setup quickly.

Licensing πŸ“„

  • DRUMR is 100% royalty-free.

  • Read more about the licensing of DRUMR here.

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