Analog Synth Presets for Ableton Live

ANLG is a collection of Ableton Live synth presets that don’t suck. Get classic analog synth sounds from genres like techno, IDM, experimental and ambient. ANLG draws influence from artists such as Aphex Twin, Com Truise, Flying Lotus, Floating Points & Tycho.

Upgrade to PRESETS for even more sounds.


Wanna hear just how awesome ANLG sounds? Click ‘Try For Free‘ above to instantly download 10 of my personal favourite sounds from the pack. There are 4 POLY synths, 4 MONO synths, 1 ARP synth and 1 FX synth.

You can also click ‘Hear What ANLG Sounds Like 🎧’ below to get a taste of some of the sounds available in ANLG. All sounds used in the demo video are from the pack. The Ableton Live Set for the demo track (in .alp format) is also included with the full download so you can get an idea of how to use the sounds in your own productions.

  • 31 High-quality Ableton Live Presets
    • 3 ARP Synths
    • 4 FX Synths
    • 9 MONO Synths
    • 15 POLY Synths
    • A Getting Started Guide to help you get set up quickly
    • 7.7MB download size (ANLG uses only a few, high-quality samples, hence the small download size).
  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite
  • ANLG will not work with older versions of Live – you will get an error


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