Analog Synth Presets For Ableton Live

ANLG (pron. analog) is a collection of 31 Ableton Live synth presets that don’t suck. Up your synth game with classic analog synth sounds built from real analog sources, suitable for any style.



Hear What ANLG Sounds Like 🎢

Exploring ANLG

The demo above is made entirely using sounds from the pack. The Ableton Live Set for the demo track (in .alp format) is included with the full download to give you an idea of how you might use the sounds in your productions.

This Is ANLG Ableton Live Project Folder
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ANLG Free Preset Folders

Get 10 Sounds For Free

Wanna hear just how awesome ANLG sounds? Download 10 of my personal favourite sounds from the pack. Included in the free download are:

The Extra Bits

  • 31 High-quality Ableton Live Presets
    • 3 ARP Synths
    • 4 FX Synths
    • 9 MONO Synths
    • 15 POLY Synths
  • 1 'This Is ANLG' Ableton Live Demo Set
  • A Getting Started Guide PDF
  • 7.7mb .zip file download
  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite

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