A Tonewheel Organ For Ableton Live

B3 is a tonewheel organ for Ableton Live, built to model the classic sound of the instrument used by artists like Santana, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and many others.



Hear What B3 Sounds Like

A Classic Tonewheel Organ

B3 is a MaxForLive device built to model the sound of the tonewheel organs used in classic recordings by artists such as SantanaBooker TThe DoorsLed Zeppelin and others. B3 doesn’t stop there though; its 8 harmonics (or drawbars) allow you to sculpt a wide range of tones for your sounds, from classic screeching organs to ambient drones and pads.

Use the Percussion section to add a percussive ‘key click’ to the attack of your sound. Add Chorus/Vibrato or Drive to colour your sound and use the Attack and Release controls to take your sound beyond what is possible with a classic tonewheel organ.

Also included with B3 is a spring reverb and spinning speaker rack to help you recreate the authentic tonewheel organ sounds and provide additional tools for unique sound design.

B3 is built to work with the Ableton Push so all the controls are laid out for easy access and flexibility.

An image of the B3 tonewheel organ MaxForLive device

Try For Free

The previous version of B3 is available to download for free for you to try out. If you like it then you’ll love the improvements in the new version of B3, including:

  • Drastically reduced CPU usage
  • Improved sound quality
  • New Chorus effect
  • Default modwheel mapping
  • Envelope controls
  • + More

Click ‘Try For Free‘ at the top of the page to download it instantly.

The Extra Bits

  • 1 B3.amxd (MaxForLive) file
  • 1 B3.adg Instrument Rack
  • 1 B3 Getting Started Guide PDF
  • 1mb .zip file download
  • Ableton Live Suite 9.7+
  • MaxForLive 7.3+

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