An Awesome Electric Piano for Ableton Live

Get the mellow sound of the electric pianos used by Ray Charles, Flying Lotus, Floating Points, The Beatles and many, many others as an easy to use Ableton Live Rack.

Upgrade to EVRYTHNG to get even more sounds.


Electric pianos are everywhere, from soul, jazz and rock to hip hop and house and everywhere in between. The Rhodes electric piano is the most famous example, with the Wurlitzer coming in a close second.

The sound of an electric piano is generated by a piano-style hammer hitting a metal tone generator such as a tine or reed, which produces a warm, round, almost bell-like tone. The sound of an electric piano sits beautifully in almost any mix; as a bassline, a warm bed of chords or a twinkly melody over the top.

If you want to dive deeper into the sound and history of electric pianos I can highly recommend taking a look at these articles:

The sound of an electric piano can be heard on countless records from artists as diverse as Ray Charles, The Doors and Floating Points. Below are some examples of the use of electric pianos.

  • 1 ELECTRIC Instrument Rack (.adg file)
  • 12 ELECTRIC Presets (ELECTRIC+ Only)
  • 1 PDF Getting Started Guide
  • 500KB Download Size
  • Ableton Live Suite 9.7+ (compare Live editions)
  • ELECTRIC will not work with Live Lite, Intro or Standard
  • ELECTRIC will not work with older versions of Live


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