Synths, Samples, Drum Machines, FX + More 🎉

Make even better music with a unique collection of instruments and effects for Ableton Live. EVRYTHNG give you a set of great music-making tools to add colour, depth and quality to your music. It includes drum synths, characterful FX, analog-style synth presets and much more.

Learn more about each pack on the Ableton Live Packs page or get an overview of what’s included below. Get ready to up your music-making game.

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“ELPHNT’s packs have inspired several of my latest soundtracks and I’m using them daily in the studio, be it for quick demos or final production and sound design. A hugely creative, yet simple and fun bundle of tools.”


“There are plenty of people that make and sell Ableton packs and devices, but I’ve yet to see someone beat ELPHNT when it comes to sound design and usability. The usability aspect of the ELPHNT stuff lets you get right into music making without having to tweak parameters for half a day while your creativity dwindles.”


DRUMR: Discover 1000s Of Unique Drum Sounds

Drum Machines

Powerful drum creation tools like DRUMR and EARTH help you design your own unique drum and percussion sounds. Get the sound of classic hardware drum machines with 522, 707 and LM-1.

MS-20: 21 Classic Analog Synth Presets for Ableton Live

Synth Presets

ANLG, ARPS, FRZN GRAINS and MS-20 provide a set of high quality, analog-style synth presets to add some vintage synth flavour to your sound palette. Each sound is more than just a preset – easy to use Macro controls help you tweak each sound and make it your own.

Unique FX

Get characterful spring reverb sounds with SPRNG, add vintage analog flavour with TAPE, create a multi-band effect out of anything using SPLTTR or come up with some crazy experimental FX using ONE KNOBS.

ELECTRIC: An Awesome Electric Piano for Ableton Live

Creative Tools

Get out of creative blocks using INSPIR or INSPIR Paper, capture all your ideas with NTPD and get the sound of classic keyboard instruments with B3 and ELECTRIC.


5 Ableton Drum Racks // 38 Single Hit Drum Instruments // 2 Ableton Drum Synthesis Instruments // 17 Drum Synthesis Modules // 558 Drum Samples


144 Synth Presets // 1 MaxForLive Tonewheel Organ // 1 Electric Piano Instrument // 12 Electric Piano Presets // 1 ANLG Demo Live Set // 125 MS-20 Waveform Samples


1 Spring Reverb FX Rack // 1 Analog Tape FX Rack // 2 Multi-band Anything FX Racks // 33 FX Presets


1 MaxForLive Inspiration Generator // 1 INSPIR Paper PDF // 1 MaxForLive Notepad // 35 Drone & Noise Samples // 95 Shaker & Tambourine Samples // Hours of exploration and creativity 😉

  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • Some Ableton Live Packs require Live Standard or Suite (compare Live editions)
  • MaxForLive is required for MaxForLive devices


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