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Infinite Sounds At The Click Of A Button

GEN is a tool for Ableton Live that helps you generate an infinite variety of sounds at the click of a button. Its there to inspire you with fresh ideas and help you discover new sounds you might not think to create.


Get GEN For Free 🎁

The basic GEN instrument is completely free! You get all the power and fun of GEN with built-in effects.

More Sounds & FX 🔊

If you want more detailed sound control with additional instruments and effects, as well as Push compatibility, you can upgrade to the full version of GEN.

You’ll get:

  • 4 additional GEN instruments: bass, pad, pluck and arp
  • 4 GENfx: dist, space, mod and multi
  • GENcontrol Max For Live devices for use with Push

Built For Push 🎛️

GEN is fully compatible with Ableton Push 2 and 3, including Push Standalone via a custom Max For Live* integration that lets you access Macro Randomization via Push.

* Requires Ableton Live Suite or Live Standard with the Max For Live add-on to use. Only available in the full version.

What People Are Saying 💬

The Extra Bits

Free version:

  • 1 GEN.adg file
  • A Getting Started Guide PDF
  • 1.9mb

Full version:

  • 1 GEN.adg file
  • 4 sound-specific instruments
  • 4 GENfx
  • 2 GENcontrol Max For Live devices
  • Infinite Sounds
  • Getting Started Guide PDF
  • 2mb
  • Ableton Live 11.3+
  • Ableton Live Intro, Standard or Suite (not compatible with Live Lite)
  • Max For Live required for GENcontrol devices

Check out the FAQs page or get in touch.