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HELPERS is a collection of 5 useful Max For Live utilities to help you with common tasks, saving you time and improving your workflow.

Convert Musical Units 📏

Converter helps you quickly convert between various musical units: note pitch to frequency, note values to time, and bars and beats to length.

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Improve Your Project Workflow 📂

Set Tools help you work better with your projects.

Set Namer generates useful project names quickly. No more Untitled 01 or Cool Beat No. 5. There are thousands of possible combinations, with words chosen from actual song titles.

Set Selector helps you decide which project to work on, avoiding decision fatigue and getting you straight into making music.

The Other Ones 🎲 🎹

Random Number generates a random number in a specified range for those times when you just need a quick random number to help you choose something.

Scale Helper helps you learn your musical scales or remember which notes belong to certain scales if you need to set something according to a key (mostly for music theory dummies, like me).

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The Extra Bits

  • Max For Live 8.5+
  • Max For Live is included with Ableton Live Suite or available as an add-on for Live Standard
  • 5 HELPERS Max For Live Devices
    • Converter.amxd
    • Random Number.amxd
    • Scale Helper.amxd
    • Set Namer.amxd
    • Set Selector.amxd
  • 1 Getting Started Guide.pdf
  • 977kb

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