Using Chance And Randomness To Enhance Creativity

Level: Any // Watch Time: 42min

As part of the Ableton University Tour, I recently gave a masterclass at dBs Music Bristol on the topic of “Using Chance & Randomness to Enhance Your Creativity”.

In the workshop I explore how you can get creative using the built-in MIDI tools in Ableton Live. You’ll also learn how to use some very cool MaxForLive devices to help you come up with ideas when you get stuck, or simply generate new ideas you might not have otherwise come across.

Many of the things I cover are similar to those in my video “Generate Unlimited Musical Ideas In Ableton Live”, but in the extended masterclass we go a little deeper and look at more creative ways to use chance and randomness to add depth to your sound design and even have Live arrange your songs for you.

Watch the full masterclass below, and be sure to check out some of the other great masterclasses available at the dBs Music YouTube page.

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