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Create Drum Grooves With Live 10’s New Echo Device

Level: Intermediate to Advanced // Watch Time: 12min

One of the best things about Ableton Live is how versatile the built-in instruments and effects are. By thinking a little outside of the box you can generally ‘misuse’Β them for something other than what they were originally intended for.

The Echo effect (new in Live 10) is one such device. When I first discovered the morph-able noise section, which is essentially intended for adding in subtle amounts of analog noise character to your delay, my first thought was, ‘this is gonna be awesome for drums!’.

In this video for ADSR Music I take a look at how you can use the noise section of Live 10’s new Echo device to create interesting drum patterns by modulating the noise amount using another new device in Live 10, the Shaper. You can learn more about using the new Shaper MaxForLive device in my other video, “Add Movement To Your Sound Design

I’ve also created some sample loops using the technique from the video which you can download here.

Note: You will need Ableton Live 10 Suite to use these devices.


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