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Add Movement To Your Sound Design

Level: Intermediate to Advanced  //  Watch Time: 10min

Music is all about change and evolution over time; if you had the exact same loop going for 4min the listener would very quickly get bored. The same can be said about sound design.

In many electronic genres, sound design is just as important as the musical elements in conveying a particular feeling or mood so it stands to reason that you should treat your sound design with the same care and detail.

In this video for ADSR, I take a look at how you can use the new MaxForLive modulation devices included with Ableton Live 10 Suite to add interesting movement to your sound design and keep your sounds fresh.

Note: You will need MaxForLive to use these devices.


  • The LFO and Shaper MaxForLive devices are included in Ableton Live 10 Suite
  • Using the ‘Map’ button you can map them to almost any parameter within Live
  • Use them to apply modulation to parameters you might not otherwise modulate, for example the Dry/Wet control of an effect or a Macro within an Effect Rack
  • LFO uses predefined waveshapes (i.e. sine, saw, square, etc.) whereas Shaper lets you create your own custom waveshapes.

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