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Making Music with MaxForLive, Part 2

Level: Intermediate To Advanced // Watch Time: 20min

MaxForLive is a powerful tool for making music. There are 1000s of devices available, including many that are free. These range from simple audio effects to complex sequencers and synthesizers.

With so much available, getting started can feel a little overwhelming. To help, I’ve started a new video series, ‘Making Music with MaxForLive’. I’ll explore some of the best MaxForLive devices available and show how you can use them in your music making.

This is Part 2 of the Making Music with MaxForLive series. Watch Part 1 here.

In this edition, I take a look at four great devices. You’ll learn unique sound design techniques, how to make better mixes and more.

Learn more about each device and find links to download them (for free) below.

Creative Sound Design with Ableton Live's Resonators and bcResonCtrl

Ableton Live’s Resonators is a unique tool for creative sound design. Unfortunately, the device limits you to a single static note or chord. Turn Resonators into a playable instrument with the free bcResonCtrl device.

*bcResonCtrl is no longer available to download. It has been superseded by the new Spectral Resonators device in Live 11, which does everything bcResonCtrl can do and more!

Create Lush Soundscapes with GrainFreeze

Turn any sound into a lush, shimmery soundscape with the free GrainFreeze device.

Download GrainFreeze →

Rhythmic Sound Design with MaxForLive Parameter Sequencers

Parameter Sequencers let you modulate device parameters via a step sequencer. They’re great for creating all manner of exciting rhythmic modulations.

There are many excellent parameter sequencers available for free on Let’s take a look at a few of them and see some different ways you can use them in your production.

Download Octoseq Modulator →

Download 3x Paramseq →

Download Stepper →

Make Better Production Decisions with Gain Compensation

Many of the effects and processors we use in music production affect the overall volume of a sound. But, we should be more interested in how the effects shape the tone and colour of our material, irrespective of volume.

Automatic gain compensation helps you accurately hear the impact a particular effect is having. Compensate the gain for any effect using the free Volume Compensator devices.

Download Volume Compensator →


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