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6 Creative Uses for Ableton’s Delays

Level: Any // Watch Time: 15min

Ableton Live has a number of excellent delay plugins, but did you know that you can use them for a lot more than just echo? In this video I explore 6 creative ways you can use Ableton’s delays in your music making. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create stereo width using Ableton’s Delay and The Haas Effect
  • Get fun tape-style pitching effects using Delay
  • Create analog-style Chorus and Flanger with the versatile Echo device
  • Create interesting analog-style loop textures with Echo
  • Use Grain Delay to create a granular pitch shifter

Free Delay Racks

Download a set of custom Effect Racks using Delay, Echo and Grain Delay to easily get the effects mentioned in the video.

Further Reading

In the video I discuss two additional concepts; The Haas effect and Mono Compatibility.

The Haas Effect is a psychoacoustic phenomenon that creates the illusion of stereo width by splitting a mono signal into separate left and right channels and delaying one of the channels by a few milliseconds.

Mono compatibility refers to making sure that your mix sounds as close as possible to the stereo version if its ever played back in mono (which is more often than you might think!)

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