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Add Depth And Character To Any Sound

TEXTURE is an audio effect that adds depth and character to any sound by applying the sonic quality of a ‘texture’ sample to the dynamics of the input. Use it to give any sound a rich, organic tone.


Texturize Your Sounds ✨

Music production “in the box” can sound too clean and sterile. TEXTURE lets you easily add dynamic character and texture to any sound with only a few clicks.

Its designed to be used with things like field recordings, noises and drones, but it can be used with any sample or sound you like, also making it a diverse tool for more exotic sound design experimentation.

TEXTURE Max For Live Device - Drop Your Samples Here
FIELD - Give your music texture and depth

Need Some Textures To Get Started? 🌱

TEXTURE is designed to work with your own samples, so it doesn’t include any built in sounds.

If you need somewhere to start, grab the free FIELD pack which comes with 153 field recordings, drones and noises to get you going.

Get 153 FIELD samples for free →

The Extra Bits

  • 1 TEXTURE.amxd file
  • 1 Getting Started Guide.pdf
  • 10 Starter Samples (.wav files)
  • 41.4MB
  • Max For Live 8.5+
  • Max For Live is included with Ableton Live Suite or available as an add-on for Live Standard

Check out the FAQs page or get in touch.

If you're unhappy with TEXTURE for any reason, simply drop me a message within 30 days of your purchase and I'll be happy to issue a full refund.

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