A lofi tape effect for Ableton Live

TAPE is an Ableton Live FX Rack that emulates the characteristics of analog tape. Get the warm, crunchy, lofi sound of tape in your productions.

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There really is nothing like the sound of tape, whether you’re after that crunchy saturation, warm colour or the wonky, wobbly wow & flutter you can use TAPE to add some lofi vintage flavour to your productions.

TAPE is not designed to be a technically accurate emulation of analog tape, but rather to give you the feeling you get from using real tape in a simple and easy to use Ableton Live FX Rack, and it sounds great! It’s completely free too πŸ˜‰

TAPE is built using native Ableton Live devices; there’s no plugins or MaxForLive involved and no complex algorithms, just plain and simple common sense modelling based on emulating the way real tape works. Each Macro gives you control over a certain characteristic of tape and you can dial in just one effect or crank up the whole lot to get that wonky, lofi tape sound.

  • 1 TAPE.adg file (Ableton Live FX Rack)
  • 1 Getting Started Guide to help you get set up quickly.


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