Shaker and tambourine loops and samples

SHAKE is a collection of shaker and tambourine loops and samples. Add some groove and swing to your productions.

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Nothing adds a good bit of groove to a track quite like a solid shaker or tambourine pattern. I’ve been slowly building up a collection of different shakers I use in my own music and I wanted to create some easy-to-use loops for when I’m not in my studio to record a shaker in live. You might find them quite useful too!

I’d highly recommend getting your own shakers to record for your productions but for a quick fix when you just need to throw in a bit of groove these should do the trick.

There are 3 different types of shaker and 1 tambourine. Included in the pack are also several one-shot samples of each shaker so you can create your own patterns. The loops are recorded at 100bpm & 120bpm but most DAWs should be able to time-stretch them to work at any tempo.

  • 48 shaker and tambourine loops
  • 47 shaker and tambourine one-shots
  • 88MB download size
  • Anything that can read .wav or .aif files (most audio production software).


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