Create Unique Drum Sounds with Ease

DRUMR (pron. drummer) is a unique tool to help you discover new drum sounds. It’s simple interface and easy to use Macro controls make it easy to create interesting new percussive sounds.

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DRUMR (pronounced ‘drummer’) is a versatile drum creation tool for Ableton Live; it helps you create unique, interesting drum sounds using a simple interface and easy to use Macro controls. DRUMR is part of the EARTH x DRM CIRCTS family and can be freely mixed and matched with existing DRM CIRCTS, with samples or with whatever else you can load into a Drum Rack.

DRUMR is also designed to work seamlessly with the Ableton Push (or just about any other automapping controller, really). Just load it up and get to tweaking the 8 Macro controls.

An image of the DRUMR Ableton Live Drum Rack


  • 1 DRUMR Rack Preset
  • 16 DRUMR Presets to show the range of sounds possible with DRUMR
  • A Getting Started Guide to help you get set up quickly
  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite


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