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Exploring Ableton’s Creative Extensions

Level: Any // Watch Time: 17min

Ableton’s Creative Extensions is a set of MaxForLive devices that extend the creative possibilities of Ableton Live Suite.

There are 8 devices in total: Melodic Steps, Pitch Hack, Gated Delay, Colour Limiter, Spectral Blur, Re-enveloper, Bass and Poli. Bass and Poli were available previously as part of the MaxForLive Essentials pack but have seen some really nice aesthetic and functional updates.

I took some time to explore the devices and discover creative uses for them. Although the names suggest particular uses, what I discovered is that each device is capable of far more than it might initially seem. In the video below I explore some of the creative uses of the devices in building a track.

Learn more about the Creative Extensions at the official launch announcement.

Note: You will need Ableton Live 10 Suite to use these devices.

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