NTPD | Simple, Elegant Notes for Ableton Live

NTPD | Simple, Elegant Notes for Ableton Live


NTPD is a simple way to store notes directly in your Ableton Live sessions. It’s easy to use but has some powerful features for keeping track of your notes.

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NTPD is an elegant way to store notes directly in your Ableton Live sessions. It’s simple and easy to use but has some really useful features, like the ability to open a resizable floating note, change the colour of different notes to easily tell them apart and even the ability to automate the timing of the floating note to appear at particular points in the timeline.

Use NTPD to store ideas, session info, notes about synth patches, reminders or whatever else you can imagine, and its all right there in your Live Set.

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Try NTPD For Free 🗒

There is a free, fully functional NTPD Lite version so you can try NTPD before you buy. The free version is slightly feature limited. Here are the great features you'll be missing out on:

  • Change the colour of the NTPD

  • Automate the opening and closing of the floating note

  • A NTPD MIDI version, so you can use NTPD anywhere in your signal chain

Download NTPD Lite

See NTPD In Action 📺

More Info 🤓

NTPD is simply a place to store notes about your Ableton Live sessions; reminders, session info, notes for collaborators or whatever else you like. But NPTD is not just any other notepad - it has some really useful features to make working with your notes even more effective.

  • Pop up notes into a resizable floating window so that your notes remain visible, even when switching to a different track.

  • Change the colour of individual notes to easily tell your different notes apart at a glance.

  • Adjust the text size to make your notes more visible, perhaps during the heat of a live set.

  • Automate the timing of the pop up note so you can have notes appear at certain points in the timeline or when a specific Clip is triggered.

Minimum Requirements* 🖥

  • Ableton Live 9.7+

  • MaxForLive 7.3+

What You Get 📦

  • 1 NTPD2.amxd file

  • 1 NTPD2 MIDI.amxd file

  • A Getting Started Guide to help you get going quickly.

  • 580kb Download Size

Not Happy With NTPD? 💳

If you are unhappy with NTPD for whatever reason you can claim a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked. Read more about The ELPHNT Guarantee.

Licensing 📄

  • NTPD is 100% royalty-free.

  • Read more about the licensing of NTPD here.

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