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A drum machine like to no other, EARTH uses synthesis to help you create unique drum sounds from scratch. You really have to give it a go to see what it’s all about. Click ‘Try For Free’ below to try it out.



Hear What EARTH Sounds Like

So What's This Drum Synthesis Thing All About?

The most common approach to creating electronic drum kits involves multiple drum samples – recordings of real drum kits or hardware drum machines. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, the problem is that you are limited to the inherent quality of the samples. Sure you can adjust things like the envelope of the sound or maybe add some kind of EQ or filter, but it’s very difficult to change the inherent quality of the sound. Enter drum synthesis.

Using drum and percussion synthesis you can create drum hits from scratch with complete control of the pitch, timbre and tonal characteristics of your sounds.

EARTH leverages the power of drum and percussion synthesis to let you create your own unique drum sounds. And if at this stage you’re thinking this all sounds a little too complex, don’t worry! EARTH is setup using cleverly assigned Macros to give you direct access to the most important controls so you don’t have to think about the finer details of percussion synthesis.

PRO TIP: EARTH sounds really great with TAPE. Dial up the Compression and Drive controls to get fat, punchy drums. 

An animation of the EARTH Percussions Synthesis Drum Rack for Ableton Live

Included with the full version of EARTH is a collection of individual DRM CIRCTS. These are the standalone drum synthesizers used in the EARTH rack. They allow you to pick and choose which drum modules you use and even allow you to mix and match EARTH modules with regular, sample-based Drum Racks. Simply drag and drop the particular DRM CIRCT onto an individual Drum Rack Pad as you would a sample.

The individual DRM CIRCT modules are as follows:

  • KCK – A kick drum synthesizer
  • SNR – A snare drum synthesizer
  • CLP – A hand clap synthesizer
  • 808 CLP – An 808 style hand clap synthesizer
  • SHKR – A shaker synthesizer
  • HAT – A hi-hat synthesizer
  • TOM – These are getting fairly obvious
  • PRC – So I’ll stop explaining them…
  • CBELL – And just let you…
  • CYM – Work it out for yourself 😉

The EARTH Approach

EARTH is designed to feel like hardware, and in fact, it works beautifully when paired with a MIDI controller, especially the Ableton Push. Because each drum hit has 8 available Macros, any MIDI controller with 8 knobs or encoders that auto-maps to Ableton Live will give you hands-on control of your drum sounds.

Enabling the Auto-select option in your Drum Rack (see the included Getting Started Guide for more info) will allow you to instantly adjust whichever drum sound you’re currently playing.

You’ll notice that most of the controls on EARTH don’t give you specific values and instead present a generic 0 – 127 value. This allows you to stop worrying about the exact settings of your controls and focus on what they actually sound like, much more like a hardware instrument that doesn’t rely on a screen.

I created EARTH because it filled a gap that existed in my personal workflow – I wanted versatile drum sounds and the hands-on feel of hardware. I was also tired of endlessly browsing through samples to find ‘the right’ sound, so EARTH is designed to simplify the process of finding your drum sounds. I’ve found it incredibly useful in my own work and it features on just about every track I make – I hope you find it useful too! 🙌🏻

The Extra Bits

  • 1 EARTH Ableton Drum Rack .adg file
  • 10 DRM CIRCTS .adg files
  • A Getting Started Guide PDF
  • Ableton Live Suite 9.7+

Check out the FAQs page or get in touch.

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