21 Free Ableton Live Packs: Drums, synths, FX and more.

Get a collection of unique instruments and effects for Ableton Live including drum machines, samples, synth presets, FX and more 🎉

See a full list of what’s included below.


There are 2 elements to FREE; the Free Packs include completely standalone packs – they’re not stripped down or demo versions, but fully functional instruments and effects in their own right.

The Demo packs are stripped-down versions of paid packs. Each Demo pack is also a fully functional instrument or effect, but you can upgrade to the paid version to get more features and sounds.

Read full descriptions of each pack at the links below and upgrade to the full versions of the Demo packs at their respective links.


  • 522 Samples – samples of a tiny drum machine
  • 707 – a classic hardware drum machine
  • DRONES x NOISES – drone textures and noise samples
  • DRUMR – simple drum synthesis
  • ELECTRIC – that classic electric piano sound
  • INSPIR Paper – creative inspiration for musicians
  • LM-1 – a classic hardware drum machine
  • MS-20 Waveforms – classic monophonic synth samples
  • ONE KNOBS – powerful 1-knob effect racks
  • SH – SH-101 drum samples
  • SHAKE – loops and samples of things you shake
  • SPLTTR – multi-band anything
  • TAPE – an analog tape machine for Ableton Live


If you enjoy FREE and find the packs useful you’ll probably want to upgrade to EVRYTHNG. It includes every single ELPHNT pack (that’s a lot of stuff!) at a discounted price Buying EVRYTHNG also directly supports development of more packs and videos 🎉 

Upgrade to EVRYTHNG

  • 989MB Download Size
  • 5 Ableton Drum Racks
  • 36 Ableton Synth Presets
  • 1 Electric Piano Instrument
  • 1 Tonewheel Organ MaxForLive Instrument
  • 26 Ableton FX Racks
  • 125 MS-20 Samples
  • 35 Drone & Noise Samples
  • 614 Drum & Percussion Samples
  • 48 Shaker Loops
  • 1 INSPIR Lite Inspiration Generator MaxForLive Device
  • 1 INSPIR Paper Inspiration Generator PDF
  • 1 NTPD Lite Simple Notepad MaxForLive Device
  • Each pack also includes a Getting Started Guide to help you get set up quickly
  • Ableton Live 9.7+ (compare Live Editions)
  • Some packs require Live Standard
  • Some packs require Live Suite
  • If you’re unsure about the requirements just download the pack (it’s free! 🙌🏻) and give it a go


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