60 Granular Synth Presets For Ableton Live

Epic-sounding Ableton Live presets for any style. Built from analog sources meticulously processed through granular effects. Choose the Lite Edition below to download 20 presets for free.



Hear what FRZN GRAINS Sounds Like

Lush, Expansive Synth Presets

The heart of FRZN GRAINS is 65 original granular samples, created by processing various analog sources through a series of granular effects.

The samples are then placed inside Ableton Live’s Sampler where they are crafted into 60 playable presets; 30 pads and 30 plucks.

2 lists of Ableton Live presets, 1 showing FRZN GRAINS Pads and 1 showing FRZN GRAINS Plucks

For Music Makers

FRZN GRAINS’ 60 ready-to-go presets let you get straight to making music. The 8 Macro controls provide you infinite flexibility for shaping the sounds however you want.

The FRZN GRAINS Rack for Ableton Live

For Sound Designers

An included Sampler ‘constructor’ preset gives you a blank slate for sound design so you can take FRZN GRAINS to whatever sonic realms you choose. The 65 core samples are pre-loaded and a Macro has been mapped to easily switch between them.

FRZN GRAINS Grain Constructor Rack For Ableton Live

The Extra Bits

  • 60 Ableton Live presets (.adg files)
  • 1 FRZN GRAINS.adg (Ableton Live Rack)
  • 1 Grain Constructor.adg
  • 65 original granular samples (.aif)
  • A Getting Started Guide PDF
  • 300mb .zip file download
  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • The 60 presets work with Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite
  • Ableton Live Suite is required to use the Grain Constructor preset

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