Roland SH-101 Drum Samples

SH is a collection of free drum samples synthesized on a Roland SH-101. The samples are warm, crunchy and work really well as percussive additions to any track.

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I was bored, there was an SH-101. This is that story.

The SH-101 is a classic bass synthesizer made popular in acid genres like Acid House or Acid Techno. It’s got a warm, analogue sound and the particular unit I sampled was quite gritty, which you can hear in the samples.

The SH-101 does not normally make drum sounds but I set about synthesising a few and the good ones made it here. I did 4 round robins for each sample and have set those samples up in an Ableton Drum Rack. This is definitely not your standard drum kit but the sounds are gritty and analogue and work great as percussive additions to any track.

I’ve organised the samples into an Ableton Drum Rack with Macro controls mapped for each drum sound as well as global Macros for the volumes of each sound.

The samples are also available separately for use in other samplers. The files are in .aiff format but could easily be converted to .wav if necessary. Most samplers should accept .aif though.

  • 99 SH-101 Drum Samples
  • 1 Ableton Drum Rack
  • A Getting Started Guide PDF to help you get set up quickly

For the Drum Rack:

  • Ableton Live 9.5+
  • Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard or Suite

For the samples:

  • Anything that can read .wav files (most DAWs)


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