Lofi flavour for Ableton Live

Whether you want the subtle warmth of studio tape, the lofi crunch of a cassette or just some gentle tape hiss, TAPE has you covered. Get the warm, lofi sound of tape in your productions, for free.



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Hear what TAPE sounds like

The TAPE Rack

8 smart Macro controls make it make it super simple to dial in exactly the tape character you’d like.

The TAPE Rack

The Extra Bits

TAPE is an Ableton Live Effect Rack made using only built-in Ableton devices. It is not a VST plugin and doesn't use Max For Live. You can learn more about Instrument, Drum and Effect Racks in the official Ableton documentation.

  • 1 TAPE.adg (Ableton Live Rack)
  • A Getting Started Guide PDF
  • 660kb .zip file download
  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • Ableton Live Standard or Suite

Check out the FAQs page or get in touch.

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